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As the skyline of New York City continually evolves, new buildings are constructed adjacent to existing, sometimes historically significant structures. SUPERSTRUCTURES is often retained by concerned building owners to thoroughly document the conditions of their building prior to the start of nearby construction, and to provide real-time monitoring as construction proceeds, providing early warning if the effects of construction operations exceed certain thresholds.

The New York City Department of Buildings Technical Policy and Procedure Notice 10 /1988 mandates stringent monitoring of the condition of any historic structure within 90 feet of an active construction site. But any building owner should be alert to the potential impact of nearby construction operations.

We can assess the health and behavior of a structure on an ongoing basis through design and installation of a network of advanced sensors and data acquisition devices. These sensor networks can provide real-time feedback on key parameters like stress and strain, excessive vibration, width of an existing crack, or inclination of a parapet. Salient data is transmitted to our office for rapid analysis and response.

SUPERSTRUCTURES’ monitoring networks incorporate off-the-shelf components, as well as proprietary devices featuring advanced sensor, power supply, and communications technology. Our patent-pending devices are compact and self-contained. They can be readily deployed throughout a building or structure, with minimal visual impact, without the inconvenience of unsightly wiring.

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