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New York City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) has issued rules and regulations (collectively known as the Facade Inspection & Safety Program, or FISP) which address the condition of the exterior walls of the city’s buildings.  Until recently, FISP was referred to as “NYC Local Law 11” and prior to that, “NYC Local Law 10.” SUPERSTRUCTURES has been performing mandated exterior wall inspections for many of NYC’s most prominent buildings since the inception of Local Law 10 in 1980.

Every five years, facades of all NYC buildings over six stories must be examined by a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI), and a report filed with the DOB. Conditions identified as UNSAFE must be corrected on an expedited basis, and conditions identified as Safe with a Repair and Maintenance Program (SWARMP) must be corrected prior to the building’s next examination. The current FISP inspection and reporting period, Cycle 9, commenced on February 21, 2020, and will run through February 20, 2025.

While sometimes perceived as a nuisance, FISP allows knowledgeable owners to take a longer view, seizing an opportunity for preventive maintenance, thereby reducing future deterioration and the higher cost of deferred maintenance.

We maintain a separate website with comprehensive information on FISP / Local Law 11.

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