Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)
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Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is the process of evaluating the performance of a building’s construction and materials against the expected standards and capacity of its design. We comply with the standards for the practice of BECx established by ASTM International.

The concept of commissioning is originally a naval one—the formal act of ensuring that a vessel is outfitted and operating correctly so it’s ready to sail. Applied to the stationary “vessels” of buildings, this process of quality assurance is similar.

With years of informed experience, our experts are skilled in inspecting, testing, monitoring, and evaluating the construction of the full range of modern and historic materials and building envelope assemblies. We provide these inspections with a view toward maintaining or improving the value and longevity of your assets, not just as a route to code compliance.

We’ve performed BECx services on many projects for which we’ve also provided design and construction administration services. We’ve also provided commissioning for others’ designs, including exacting owners such as the U.S. General Services Administration (for the Conrad B. Duberstein Courthouse, Brooklyn).

We employ custom software as a powerful commissioning tool. Our Asset Information Management (AIM) system and FacadeCapture technology allow us to inventory hundreds of thousands of locations to track building envelope conditions, assess contract document compliance, and report percentage of completion, scheduling, and cost information to the contractor, construction manager, and client.

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