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We specialize in restoring both “skin” and “skeleton”—structure as well as envelope. Parking structures by nature are all skeleton. Whereas the structural skeletons of buildings are protected by masonry or curtain wall “skins,” parking structures are essentially skinless.

Our team of New York State professional engineers has years of experience identifying and remediating parking garage problems. It includes multiple Qualified Parking Structure Inspectors (QPSIs), a credential required for the assessments mandated under NYC’s Local Law 126.

In New York, parking structures are subject to a convergence of two factors that accelerate their deterioration:

One is the freeze-thaw phenomenon. Water infiltrates cracks in masonry or concrete structures, freezes, expands, and widens the cracks allowing more water to enter, thus perpetuating the cycle.

The second factor, accelerated by our chloride-rich coastal location, is rusting—corrosion of the primary steel structure as well as ferrous reinforcement and accessories.

In the case of parking garages, chlorides are not merely airborne. Roadway de-icing compounds are carried inside on the undercarriage of cars and trucks, where they melt and disperse onto the deck. This means that even below-grade garages are subject to these corrosion-accelerating elements.

While freeze-thaw occurs only during cold weather, to quote Neil Young, "rust never sleeps.” But neither do modern methods to combat it. As engineers and architects, we can specify a variety of restoration techniques and products to combat corrosion.

Repair products and coatings are constantly being introduced—each with their own purposes, advantages, and limitations. Some emphasize effectiveness or longevity. Others emphasize speed of cure—critical in large parking structures with a single entrance.

SUPERSTRUCTURES is constantly researching the optimum combination of products and techniques to restore and safeguard our clients’ parking structures. For each project, we specify materials as well as procedures for each type of repair.

It’s universally agreed that the key to a successful concrete restoration project is proper preparation (removal of decayed material and saw cutting of edges) at each repair location. Our unique, proprietary process includes working with contractors to specify, and precisely quantify and document the preparatory work at each location requiring restoration.

To ensure the safety of parking structures, NYC created Local Law 126 (LL 126) of 2021. It mandates periodic assessment of all parking structures within the five boroughs of New York City every six years to ensure they’re maintained in a safe condition. They must be examined by a Qualified Parking Structure Inspector (QPSI), and a report filed with the DOB.

SUPERSTRUCTURES maintains a website with a wealth of information on Local Law 126:


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