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October 5, 2023
This Technology Post Wasn’t Written by AI
“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.”
- William Gibson

While this post was produced by a human, technologies like AI offer incredible potential in our discipline.

SUPERSTRUCTURES isn’t just an E/A firm; we’re also a technology firm. We do our part to shape the future of exterior restoration by staying at the forefront of technology, developing and implementing digital tools to better manage large, complex projects and offer greater value and efficiency to our clients.

The prime example is our in-house Tech studio that’s always refining proprietary tools like our AIM (Asset Information Management) and AIM Mobile platforms, SurfaceCaptureSM and UAV’s to facilitate facade inspections (recently approved in NYC)—all to bring restoration practices into the 21st century where they belong.

Our Tech studio has also implemented collaborative digital tools to extend our practice remotely and even oversee subcontractors’ work in the field—initiatives that are serving us well now that things are back to “normal” following the pandemic. Our trajectory toward a paperless office is another example of digital tools helping us to be more efficient, more “green,” and less reliant on archaic procedures.

We’re also a technology firm thanks to our in-house NDT&E studio that uses both time-honored and emerging testing tools and methods to analyze building components without invasive procedures.

And it’s not just SUPERSTRUCTURES’ Tech and NDT&E studios; the entire firm embraces new technology and is eager to deploy it. That’s the real key to the success of our forward-looking mission.

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