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November 22, 2022
SUPERSTRUCTURES Associate Principal Honored by the SIAEA

Congratulations to SUPERSTRUCTURES’ Associate Principal, Darsh Shah, PE (second from left above), for receiving an Honoree award from the SIAEA.* The award was presented at the Society’s 40th Annual Gala on November 12th, along with an official citation from the Assembly of the State of New York in recognition of Darsh’s professional achievements. Darsh has been an active SIAEA member for 15 years. Every year, the Society honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the Engineering and Architectural fields.

Darsh has been an indispensable part of SUPERSTRUCTURES’ team for over 25 years. His expertise is sought after for projects that involve investigation, design, and project management of multi-building complex exterior restorations. He is a NYC Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector and Qualified Parking Structure Inspector.

Darsh has worked on a wide range of our public- and private-sector projects, successfully completing more than 1,200. His experience ranges from restoring historic landmarks such as Grand Central Terminal to designing a new ambulatory care pavilion for Queens Hospital.

* SIAEA is the Society of Indo-American Engineers and Architects. Established in 1981, the Society’s mission is to organize and unite in fellowship engineering and architectural professionals of Indian origin based in and around NYC as one organization and one voice. The SIAEA fights strenuously to break down social and economic barriers which once marginalized Indian-American professionals, enabling its members and non-members to excel within NYC’s thriving Engineering and Architectural industry.

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