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May 25, 2023
Shira’s Tale: Ingenuity Over Pedigree

When our Principal, Paul and his wife adopted their dog, Shira from a New Jersey shelter, they were delighted to give her a “forever home.” But they didn’t realize they had a genius in the family.

The relevance to our practice? Read on.

“Genius” dogs like Shira have the amazing ability to learn more than just “sit,” “stay,” and “fetch.” She has a growing collection of over 60 toys—each with a name—and can pick each one out of a pile when asked for it.

Shira’s even part of an official study of canine intelligence. But her superpowers aren’t thanks to her breeding. She’s a “custom blend” (aka mutt), born in an Alabama trailer park, with no specific pedigree.

The strength of SUPERSTRUCTURES’ team isn’t based on credentials. We value professional licensure, but we also value ingenuity, talent, and the learning curve of experience.

A few of our valued team members still chase delivery trucks, but we’re working on that. Treats like fresh bagels every Thursday seem to be helping.

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