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April 6, 2023
Reflections on the Ruling Pen

We have a healthy respect for the tools of our trade—both traditional and cutting edge. For example: the ruling pen. Here’s a detailed demonstration.

Precise yet finicky, this draughtsman’s tool of yesteryear has since been replaced by the Rapidograph, lead on mylar, and finally by the clean digital lines of CAD. But are newer tools always better?

In our ongoing effort to bring the art and science of restoration into the 21st century, we’ve been early adopters of CAD, GPS, drones, reality capture, and high-tech imaging. But that doesn’t mean that we embrace every technological “shiny new object.”

Our goal is to produce construction documents that adhere to the “four Cs:” correct, complete, clear, and concise. That’s also what drives the technology we employ for investigation, design, and construction administration.

If you've visited our Wall Street office, you may have noticed that our respect for the traditional tools of the trade is evident in our lobby décor: large images of 19th-century compasses—some tipped with ruling pens. We just don’t have so many ink-stained fingers these days.

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