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January 31, 2023
Past Perfect

In 1992, multiple Grammy winner Vince Gill sang a country classic with the refrain “There ain’t no future in the past.” We beg to differ. Our contemporary practice includes the preservation of many of New York City’s historic buildings—irreplaceable beacons of the past.

Why? The National Trust for Historic Preservation summarizes six practical reasons to save old buildings, and each offers a compelling case for restoration rather than demolition. We’re proud to support these arguments for preserving the historic fabric of the city, contributing to its quality of life and economic vitality in the process.

For that matter, we’re also dedicated to bringing the practice of preservation into the 21st century where it belongs. 19th or 20th century buildings don’t require 19th or 20th century restoration methods. We’re constantly developing new hardware, software, imaging, database, and non-destructive testing tools and methods to make our restoration work faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective for clients.

So, in the practice of preservation, there is definitely a future in the past. Sorry, Vince. But we can wholeheartedly endorse the message of your more recent song, “An Honest Man.

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