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September 21, 2023
NYCHA Housing: A City Within a City

We often feature our work restoring New York’s landmarks and irreplaceable, historic buildings. But NYC’s array of public housing forms part of the backbone of the city—one that SUPERSTRUCTURES is proud to help keep safe and viable for over 360,000 residents each year.

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is the largest public housing agency in North America and a long-standing SUPERSTRUCTURES client. With 177,569 apartments across 335 developments, NYCHA trusts us because of our successful track record managing large, often multi-building restoration projects. Our extensive experience with the structure, materials, and systems of NYCHA buildings helps ensure on-time and on-budget services.

To date, we’ve completed 175 restoration projects for NYCHA buildings, including facade inspections and restorations, roof restorations or replacements, building program feasibility studies, balcony, railing, and fire escape inspections and repairs, and leak and flood elimination. One recent assignment comprised FISP inspections and reports for 510 buildings in 43 developments in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

While these projects don’t typically win preservation awards or attract industry publicity, they’re vital to maintaining the built environment that keeps NYC running. We’re grateful for our ongoing relationship with NYCHA and the opportunity to contribute to the health of the city’s public housing facilities.

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