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May 30, 2024
Match Game

One of our principals received a temporary crown from his dentist, who carefully crafted it to match the surrounding teeth. “Why does it matter?” asked the patient. “It’s temporary.” The dentist simply said, “It matters to me.”

Similarly, in our practice, we meticulously match masonry—brick, stone, or terra cotta—to that of an existing facade. Why? In many cases, the repair is only seen by the birds.

Well, it matters to us that a masonry repair high on a facade is just as successful as a more prominent one on the ground floor. Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it’s out of mind for us and, often, the building owner.

In some cases, we must also consider how masonry units will age. For example, some brick has iron flecks in the clay that will cause a subtle color shift over time. What may look glaringly new next to historic masonry will darken and blend in over time.

One of the ironies of our practice is that a successful restoration means none but the most discerning eye can tell that we were ever there.

We have that in common with the practice of dentistry. Just because you can’t see a crown on a rear molar doesn’t mean it shouldn’t blend in seamlessly. In both cases, the goal is to leave the client smiling.

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