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April 9, 2024
Introducing Restoration 101

Building owners and managers have a lot on their plates. Many are responsible for multiple properties and New York City has multiple laws impacting them. Compliance with these regulations requires strategies that demand owners’ and managers’ time and attention.

SUPERSTRUCTURES is here to help by launching Restoration 101, an introduction to fundamental topics within our discipline: the essentials of the building envelope and parking structures, how and why they deteriorate, and how to navigate the restoration process for successful outcomes.

We’re not only a leading professional firm in the field of exterior restoration; we’re a resource for building owners and managers—our clients and potential clients.

We’re confident that the more building owners and managers know, the more they’ll appreciate SUPERSTRUCTURES’ approach to the art and science of exterior restoration. It’s based on construction documents that set the standard in the profession, utilization of leading-edge technology, and expert construction administration—an approach that’s made us the favorite of the most respected and demanding clients in the city.

We’ll be adding more topics to Restoration 101 on a regular basis and welcome suggestions for future posts.

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