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April 22, 2021
Inside Jobs

Steve Job’s story of helping his father build a fence around the family’s home illustrates the attention to hidden detail that had long influenced his design philosophy. Jobs later insisted that the interior workings of Apple products—the circuit boards unseen by most—must be equally elegant.

At SUPERSTRUCTURES, we take a page from Apple’s approach. Our construction documents—drawings and specifications—are as elegant as the restoration projects they define.

As instruments of service, our drawings set the standard in our corner of the profession because they consistently meet the “Four Cs” of excellence: they’re clear, correct, concise, and complete. But we also think they’re works of art. Their innate sense of order may not be seen and appreciated by many, but we insist on it. (Fortunately, they are appreciated by many of our clients who are architects or engineers representing public agencies and institutions,).

For our clients, our construction documents are fundamental to an expertly restored facade, secure and water-tight for occupants and safe for pedestrians. But behind that public-facing finished product, our drawings are more than a means to an end. They’re a roadmap to restoration, embodying our 21st century approach to a centuries-old practice—but they’re also suitable for framing.

The old adage is that you don’t want to see how the sausage is made. In our case, the opposite is true: the more our clients know about the quality of our drawings, the more they’re likely to appreciate the effort and expertise we invest in them.

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