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February 11, 2020
got rust?

Got steel elements in a facade that have seen better days? Or a sidewalk vault with corroded steel that concerns you? With years of experience with facade and vault restoration, SUPERSTRUCTURES can help by determining how firmly the rust has taken hold. It could just look bad. Or it could be that only part of the beam needs to be replaced. More importantly, we’ll determine the source of water infiltration that’s damaging that steel and devise a solution to arrest the corrosion.

When you encounter corrosion in a building, it’s important to keep some chemistry in mind: steel expands up to eight times when it rusts, so a half inch-thick layer of rust represents a loss in cross section of only about a sixteenth of an inch of sound steel. So, when cleaned of corrosion and measured, if a steel beam still has sufficient cross section to bear the load required, it can remain in place and continue to serve its purpose.

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