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June 9, 2022
Fix, Then File

One of our mantras related to New York’s Facade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) is “Fix, then file.” In other words: attend to the condition of your building’s envelope regularly and periodic filing of a FISP report becomes a formality.

If you own a car, you know that it requires more regular maintenance than just taking it in when it’s due for a state inspection. To protect your investment, you have to be more proactive. Complying with FISP should also be a continuous, strategic process of keeping your building’s facade in good repair. FISP filing should be part of a strategy rather than a commodity that’s only sought once during each five-year cycle.

We’ve been performing mandated exterior wall inspections throughout New York City since the inception of the first facade inspection ordinance in 1980. Our experienced architects and engineers, including 15 Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWIs), can help you navigate and comply with FISP:  investigating the condition of your building’s facade, specifying and completing necessary restoration work to stay ahead of the curve, and managing the required filings.

For much more on FISP, visit our website.

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