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March 9, 2017
“DOB NOW: Safety”: File Your FISP/LL11 Reports On-line Now!

In September 2016, the DOB launched its DOB NOW: Safety web portal.  With DOB NOW, all FISP (Façade Inspection Safety Program) actions occur on-line.  Building Owners (and Owner’s Representatives) and their inspecting professionals (QEWI’s) conduct all façade-related interactions with each other, and with the DOB, on DOB NOW.

DOB NOW also provides the DOB an efficient method of tracking FISP/LL11- related data, including details of the FISP Reports as well as statistical information on QEWI’s, building Owners and their buildings.

The site allows one to:

  • Upload all reports, supporting documents and other filings (e.g. Initial and Additional Extension Requests (for Unsafe Repairs), Subsequent and Amended Reports, etc.),
  • Pay filing fees and penalties,
  • Receive email updates from the DOB,
  • Review status of filings for an Owner’s entire building portfolio,
  • Search for other information on façade-compliance filings.

In order to access DOB NOW, QEWI’s and Owners (or Owner’s Representatives) who do not have an active “eFiling” account with NYC Development Hub must create online “eFiling” accounts with DOB NOW.

The DOB NOW: Safety  FISP/LL11 Digital Filing Process:

  • The QEWI, retained by the Owner, conducts the critical examination of the building facades, railings, guards and appurtenances, and prepares a FISP Critical Examination Report in the prescribed DOB NOW digital format.
  • The QEWI uploads the report, together an electronic TR6 Technical Report form, and all required supporting documents (including the QEWI’s seal and signature), to DOB NOW as an “Initial Filing.” (In this case, “Initial Filing” means the first filing for the current Cycle).  DOB NOW issues a tracking “Filing Number.”
  • The Owner, (or Owner’s Representative) logs into DOB NOW and reviews the QEWI’s report.*** If it is acceptable, the Owner electronically signs the Owner’s Statement, acknowledging his/her understanding of the QEWI’s report, and certifying to the DOB that and any SWARMP conditions from the previous cycle (Cycle 7 in this case), have been corrected.  (***To simplify the Owner’s review of the report, SSX provides a PDF version of the FISP Report to our Clients for review and comment.)
  • The Owner pays the Filing Fee as well as any other required payments (e.g. Late Filing Fees, or other penalties) online.
  • The QEWI makes a final review of the filing, makes any necessary changes, confirms that fees have been paid, and transmits the completed report to DOB NOW.
  • When the TR6/FISP Report have been successfully uploaded, DOB NOW will send an email notification to both the Owner (or Owner’s Representative) and the QEWI with the following subject line: “Initial TR6 has been filed for “123 Main St” with Filing Number  # TR6-1232456-8A-I1”
  • When the DOB has completed its review, DOB NOW” will send an email to both the Owner (or Owner’s Representative) and the QEWI notifying them that the Initial Filing has been “Accepted” or “Rejected.”
  • In cases where the Initial Filing has been rejected, the DOB NOW email will include “review comments,” along with a note that an “acceptable” report must be filed within 45 days of the date of the email, in order to keep the current Initial Filing date and filing fee. The QEWI (and Owner, when necessary), address the DOB NOW comments and “re-submit” the Initial TR6/FISP Report to DOB NOW.

Once the Initial TR6/FISP report has been uploaded to DOB NOW, all subsequent compliance ”actions” are filed in the system:  These actions include: Subsequent or Amended Report and TR6 filings, UNSAFE Notifications (FISP3), Initial and Additional Extension Requests (for Unsafe repairs), Sidewalk Shed Removals, and others.

Create a DOB NOW eFiling Account

 Owners and Owners Representatives who currently have an active “eFiling” account with NYC Development Hub do not need to create a separate DOB NOW account.

To create the account:

  • Go to the DOB NOW "Welcome to eFiling" Click on “Register for electronic filing” just below the “Login” button.
  • Fill out all requested information.  Below the section titled User Account Information you will need to select one of two options. Please select the first listed option - “I do not have a license - such as filing representatives, owners or others who prepare applications or pay fees.”
  • Enter your name in “Agreement” and click “Submit” to create your account.
  • DOB NOW will send an email confirmation.

For assistance in creating your eFiling account, or if you would like us to provide a proposal, please contact us.  

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