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July 11, 2024
Continuous Improvement

Our principal’s rescue dog, Shira is a “genius dog” and an exemplar of the practice of continuous improvement—a quality that’s inspiring to SUPERSTRUCTURES’ work. This is our second Shira post because she’s celebrating a milestone: identifying 200 different toys through her daily dedication to continuous improvement.

Dogs like Shira have the amazing ability to learn more than just “sit,” “stay,” and “fetch.” She has a growing collection of toys; each one has a name, and she can pick one out of a pile when asked for it.

Shira’s even part of an international study of canine intelligence and has been featured in radio programs and publications such as Forbes. Her intelligence is innate, but her “superpower” of object identification has been fostered through continuous improvement—working on her expertise day after day.

Mark Twain said, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. For humans, the concept of continuous improvement is a never-ending effort to improve processes, products, and services.

SUPERSTRUCTURES’ goal of continuous improvement is to create an organizational culture of excellence where everyone is constantly looking for ways to improve. We work on improving our practice every day, using each restoration project as an opportunity to hone our methodology, apply new technologies, and advance the art and science of exterior restoration.

A few of our team members still chase delivery trucks, but we’re working on that. Treats like fresh bagels every Thursday seem to be helping.

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