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      Roof Consultant: Top Rated Professional Registered Roof Consultants

      Every commercial roofing project is unique, so finding the right roofing consultant demands a meticulous process to ensure that the finished project’s integrity is unassailable.

      The viability of the entire building the project is for rests on the quality and structural integrity of the roof, so finding a registered consultant is your first move.  You need support that understands the building product in play and is capable of forming effective relationships with building contractors.

      But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  This post will go into some detail about sourcing the right professional to provide you with the ideal roof design and the professionalism required by roof design and roof installations.

      The project manager’s right hand

      One of the most essential aspects of hiring a roof consultant is accreditation.  Licensing should be offered on demand, as working with someone who is not properly licensed can lead to legal consequences for your organization.

      Quality roofing consultants should have professional liability insurance. Encountering potential candidates with low insurance limits may indicate that there have been complications with past projects.

      That makes working with consultants who fit this description a risky endeavor.

      Another important consideration is availability.  Your roofing consultancy company should be available to you – not so tied up with other priority projects that yours isn’t adequately serviced.  While a large-scale consultancy may seem like a good idea, you may find yourself at the back end of a frustrating queue. Our roof consultant will take adequate time to understand your problem, and come up with a custom solution for you.

      Of course, experience with roof installations like the one you’re launching is central to your selection, as well as a strong track record for satisfaction of past contracts and work quality.  A solid grounding in building sciences is not optional for this role, as roof consultant knowledge will determine the success of the roofing project.

      Finally, ensuring that your selection is equal to the work, with a skilled staff and labor force in place, tells you about the professionalism of your consultant.  Be sure to check on liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage, also.

      Impartial professionals

      There’s no question that adding a consultant to your roofing project is well worth the outlay.  This is one corner you shouldn’t cut.

      Assessing the needs of your facility and the condition of the existing roof system is a primary function of a roofing consultant, but this role also supports budget planning and management.  Your consultant will give you a clear understanding of the true scope of the work to be done and its ultimate cost.

      Design services are another key aspect of a consultant’s work, as well as project administration and inspection during the construction phase and liaising with the project manager and roofing contractor.

      But a dispassionate, trained eye is always of great value when considering the needs of a roof design project.  The independent nature of roof consultants sets the role outside other interests, like placing a preferred workforce on the project, or advancing a specific approach (for the wrong reasons).

      Your consultant is trained and licensed to provide you with unbiased advice, untainted by an interest in selling you any goods or services save those he or she is rendering as an impartial professional.

      And that’s another key component of your search – establishing that your frontrunners don’t have other interests which may interfere with their work on your behalf.

      A skilled consultant will be keenly aware of your building envelope and the status of exterior walls, as this information is critical to the type of work being performed.  The envelope is where deficiencies in the roof are going to manifest, so including building envelope consulting as part of the consultant jobs’ sphere of influence is pivotal.

      Your consultant salary pays for itself

      A consultant isn’t just one more line item.  It’s a priority.  Work on commercial roofs should be governed by strictly applied maintenance programs, but that’s often not the case, resulting in premature failure.

      Roofs tend to be a building element that’s taken for granted until something goes wrong.  But the building owner, property manager or facilities manager should have a maintenance program in place which is applied with vigor.

      Ideally, your consultant should get up on your roof twice a year.  Realistically speaking, roof inspections should occur every 2 years to assess the integrity of building product and continuing soundness of the roof support long-term performance.  Annual inspections would be even better.

      And proper installation reduces the instance of changes orders or worse – failure which leads to leaking and damage.


      To be certified as a registered roof consultant (RRC), a candidate must have garnered a minimum of 4 years experience.  Other qualifications include a variety of experience with roofing projects, related educational accomplishments and a strong ethical framework.

      To be certified, candidates must pass the General Consultant Knowledge Exams (GCKE).  All those approved must demonstrate that they’ve pursued no fewer than 70 hours of continuing education by attending at least 3 seminars concerned roofing waterproofing and/or exterior wall contracting.

      The gold standard roofing qualification is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect RA – who has specialized training and experience in roofing systems and non-destructive testing techniques. For smaller or less complicated roofs a registered consultant could be acceptable.

      The RCI

      The best place to start in your quest for a consultant is with the RCI (Roof Consultants Institute).  Specializing in building envelope and waterproofing consultants, this organization is an umbrella for over 2,000 industry professionals.

      It’s the RCI which administers the RRC program, which distinguishes its members from others in the roofing industry. The Registered Roof Consultant program is also responsible for numerous expert witnesses in legal disputes concerning roofs which have failed.

      You’ve got your consultant. Now what?

      Meeting with your new consultant includes providing an overview of buildings to be serviced.  Your consultant will then engage in a forensic investigation of deficiencies and requirements.

      The consultant then takes charge of every facet of the roof project, down to the installation of access control for the roof.  With the emerging technologies implicated in smart buildings, this is one of the features most sought after and a key facet of construction administration.

      The electronic systems required to define a building as “smart”, are increasingly energy efficient, so your consultant’s familiarity with these building types is a coveted trait in a modern consultancy.

      Daily reports and ongoing inspections for the duration of the project, serve to ensure the smooth conduct of all associated building operations toward minimal disruption whenever possible.  From the pre-construction meeting with the property manager and building owner to the final meeting to establish the satisfaction of all stakeholders, your consultant acts as your on-site proxy.

      Bolstering your company profile

      The quality of the people who work with you defines the quality of your company profile.  Working with building trade contractors who are members of a reputable contractors’ association is no less important than choosing a fully accredited consultant.

      Detailed, conscientious and professional work governed by superior ethics distinguishes your company’s brand as one dedicated to superlative quality.

      SUPERSTRUCTURES – build better

      SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects are dedicated to a world in which the industry is empowered to build better.  We raise the bar for standards of detailed and clearly delineated information about the work to be accomplished, identifying problems before they can grow to become costly change orders or worse – leaks.

      Our vertically integrated team of diverse professionals is drawn from architecture and engineering, working with conservators, IT professionals, scientists and cost estimators.  It’s in the diversity of our team that our strength is found.

      We invite you to contact us to talk about roof consultants and what they can do for your building’s roof.