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    SuperScript is a quarterly newsletter from SUPERSTRUCTURES. Founded in 1981, we are a firm of architects, structural engineers, and conservators dedicated to the art and science of exterior restoration.

      Parking Garage Restoration Consultant: Strategic Garage Restoration Planning

      New York is situated in a unique climate which sometimes offers us phenomena like freeze-thaw conditions.  Add to that the nearby ocean and the saline air it subjects built structures to, resulting in numerous restoration projects.

      Building envelopes are challenged to maintain their integrity by chlorides borne on those sea breezes and their corrosive effect.  Add to that the chemicals in de-icing agents and parking garages are hard-pressed to stand up to it all.

      Parking consultant expertise for your parking garage

      Retaining the services of a parking garage restoration consultant is the NYC priority.  From condition assessment, your parking consultant will guide you through the process of structure restoration, journeying with you from inception through the construction phase to completion.  Your consultant will even set up a repair and maintenance plan with you which extends the useful service life of the restoration.

      Restoration design goes well beyond a restoration program for your parking facilities but builds in long term maintenance to increase the life of the structure.

      Drilling down into the building design, your parking garage consultant acts as a restoration engineer, offering forensic engineering, master planning, investigation and repairs followed up by the right maintenance program to derive maximum longevity for property owners.

      Working closely with program managers and other project consultants, the parking garage restoration consultant shepherds the process of parking garage repairs with a unique skill and knowledge set about everything from repair designs to joint sealants to forensic engineering.

      And your parking garage repairs can’t ask for more than that.

      Garage restoration for pre-cast parking structures

      For pre-cast parking structures, garage repairs address common deficiencies which often arise in the parking industry due to the facility offered by this style of construction, based on conventionally reinforced concrete columns.  It’s too often the case that fall protection and winter protection are not diligently pursued, leading to structural deficiencies demanding garage repairs.

      Exposed sheer tabs are often the first to go, exposed as they are to the harsh elements, sea air and de-icing chemicals.  This is a huge factor in the maintenance of parking structures achieved with pre-cast concrete.  When joint sealants fail (and they do), corrosion sets in.

      But management consulting with a parking garage restoration consultant can change the prognosis when a common problem like this sets in.  When due diligence hasn’t been applied during construction, a competent consultant can accurately pinpoint deficiencies and address them with solutions that stand the test of time.

      With the news of recent years replete with tales of the failures of pre-cast parking structures, it’s important that owners and operators take heed.  Failure to do so may result in liability.  Regular investigation and repairs are a built-in imperative of pre-cast parking structures for this reason, which does not preclude operator vigilance.

      Asset managers sometimes need an expert witness

      Accidents will happen and when they happen in parking structures, litigation is bound to follow.  When that’s the case, a parking garage restoration consultant has the knowledge and experience required to identify probable cause and likelihood of the accident having occurred due to negligence or other failures on the part of the property’s owner.

      This is an indispensable service to parking garage operators and owners, as well as those who’ve suffered at the hands of those who don’t regularly perform parking garage repairs.

      A world of knowledge is at your disposal when you call on the expertise of a parking garage restoration consultant.  At SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects, we’re a multi-disciplinarian collaboration of diversified building consultants and professionals, with a widely-ranging skill set.  Dedicated to the preservation of buildings and infrastructure, we know that parking garages are a key facet of transportation planning.

      And we believe that’s worth preserving.

      The future is now, promising automated vehicles that don’t need you to get them from point “A” to point “B”.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a parking spot.  So. restoration projects aimed at parking lots are serving the public good by answering public need.

      The art and science of parking garage restoration creates buildings which serve the people who use them for the long run.  For your parking garage restoration, contact us.