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    SuperScript is a quarterly newsletter from SUPERSTRUCTURES. Founded in 1981, we are a firm of architects, structural engineers, and conservators dedicated to the art and science of exterior restoration.

      Facade Restoration Architects and Engineers

      SUPERSTRUCTURES has been engaged in the work of preserving buildings and infrastructure since 1981.  We’re a team of facade restoration architects and engineers working with scientists, conservators, technology experts and cost estimators, to redefine the art and science of facade restoration.

      Providing cost and scheduling control that’s unparalleled, we’ve completed thousands of projects, delivering on time and on budget.  SUPERSTRUCTURES does more facade restoration projects than any other firm in NYC.

      80% of the projects we work on come to us from existing clients.  Their confidence in what we do is our calling card.

      With excellence and enthusiasm for the critical work we do as architects and engineers, we come to every assignment with the focused commitment we’re acclaimed for.

      Excellence in Facade Restoration

      Every building is an asset that demands professional curation to maintain it in the best possible condition.  From the outside in, we establish a sensible plan for restoration, supported by rigorous cost oversight and accuracy.

      Historic restoration is one of SUPERSTRUCTURES’ signature services, bringing our demanding clients the assurance that we approach each asset with the utmost respect for its presence in the community in which it stands and its history.

      But history now includes buildings in the modern tradition requiring faithful restoration, including the replacement of curtain walls and windows.  With an informed appreciation of historical materials and architecture, we reinvent buildings in need of facade restoration as more structurally sound versions of themselves – reinforced to stand strong as time passes.

      With a balanced approach which takes into consideration all facets of the project, we develop sensitive, intelligent solutions which encompass history, building integrity, expense, longevity and feasibility.

      The Scope of Our Work

      SUPERSTRUCTURES is actively engaged in all facets of facade restoration, from building envelopes to internal structures, to roofs, infrastructure, windows, plazas and facades.

      Wherever you go in New York City, you’ll see our work, from 125 Park Avenue to the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building.  Our methodology means bringing excellence to every project we work on, seeking to “do no harm” and to enhance the asset’s integrity.

      Working with materials as diverse as reinforced concrete and landmark terra cotta, we’re dedicated to preserving NYC’s extraordinary architectural heritage with professional integrity and insight.

      If it’s not possible to produce solutions which are undetectable, we choose those which enhance the building, never diminishing heritage features that define the asset as it was built and as it’s known and recognized by the public.

      Superior Control

      We’re proud of our firm’s reputation for tight control over cost, scheduling and quality.  Our record speaks for itself, offering our clients excellence since 1981.

      Thousands of projects completed by SUPERSTRUCTURES have resulted in a change order rate of less than 3%.

      By approaching each project with professional curiosity, we forecast potential problems, avoiding problems and course changes later.  That saves our clients time and money and makes us the most sought-after restoration architects and engineers in New York City.

      With technical understanding and historical sensitivity, SUPERSTRUCTURES brings world-class professionalism to all we do.