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    SuperScript is a quarterly newsletter from SUPERSTRUCTURES. Founded in 1981, we are a firm of architects, structural engineers, and conservators dedicated to the art and science of exterior restoration.

      Concrete Restoration Consultants: Enduring Quality Assurance for Structural Restoration

      Structural concrete, like every building material known to humanity, demands a vigilant eye.  Concrete structures have their own unique challenges and architectural concrete, when developing seemingly minor problems, may be telling you that major repairs are on the way.

      When restoration of your concrete building is in the cards, concrete restoration consultants work closely with roofing consulting professionals to seal your building against the elements effectively.

      Parking structures

      Parking facilities have higher standards for durability than many other types of builds, due to traffic, extreme weather and water incursion.  In places like New York City, they also need to be built to withstand de-icing chemicals.

      But concrete isn’t so impervious to time and the elements that repairs aren’t part of its life.  Regular inspections help you nip some of the more common problems with concrete parking structures in the bud.

      Concrete floor slabs are probably the most vulnerable element of parking structures, so regular power washing to remove substances like salt and chloride can help extend the life of the structure.  Mechanical sweeping is another key element of maintenance that serves to extend the life of your parking structure.

      Historic restoration

      While concrete probably came into its heyday during the mid-20th Century, landmarks like Canadian architect Arthur Erickson’s Art Gallery complex and Simon Fraser University point to its elevation as not only a structural but an aesthetic element.

      In the 1920s, American architect John J. Earley created decorative concrete panels which introduced another aesthetic front in the use of concrete.

      But the truth is that forms of concrete have been in use since the time of the Roman Empire, so we’ve come to understand that it’s no more permanent than any other building material, needing constant curation to maintain its built integrity.

      Improvements in quality of concrete were exploited by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, with pre-cast concrete transcending even that benchmark.  As the 20th Century marched on, concrete became a mainstay of mid-Century design.

      But those buildings have shown their age and the reality of even concrete’s ultimately ephemeral nature.  Concrete degrades, as well as steel elements of construction which corrode over time.  But calcium chloride (which was added to the concrete used in some historic builds to accelerate setting) can exacerbate this effect and threaten the integrity of the concrete itself.  De-icing chemicals, high humidity and water incursion may also occur, leaving their mark.

      Repair restoration and concrete repair

      When approaching repair restoration and concrete repair, your project manager can be richly supported by the presence of a concrete restoration consultant.  Minimal intervention is most commonly counseled for historic restorations, retaining the original fabric of the building.

      A concrete restoration consultant’s knowledge is uniquely sited in the common characteristics of period concrete.  It’s with a professional of this caliber that efforts to achieve maximum preservation before moving to necessary replacement work can best be realized.

      Sound building envelopes

      With the support of a skilled concrete restoration consultant, sound building envelopes are readily created, rehabilitating sealant and expansion joints and protective coatings which adds up to a building less vulnerable to water incursion and other degrading elements.

      Establishing a program of cyclical inspection and repair comes with the practiced eye of your consultant, ensuring that your building is maintained for the future, whether a parking garage or historically-significant concrete structure.

      SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects

      SUPERSTRUCTURES is a multi-disciplinarian team of engineers and architects, working with conservators, cost estimators, technology professionals and scientists.  We bring integrated knowledge to your concrete restoration project.

      A central passion at SUPERSTRUCTURES is the preservation of buildings and infrastructure.  With car culture going nowhere soon, the maintenance of no fewer than 13,000 commercial parking structures in the USA is a priority.

      And historic concrete is a specialty.  The importance of concrete builds to local, regional and national legacy encompasses some of the USA’s most iconic structures and playing a part in maintaining them for the future is part of our mission.

      Marrying art to science, SUPERSTRUCTURES is known as one of the most prolific restoration specialists in New York City.  But our customers hire us knowing that our professional diligence delivers results on time and on budget.

      Contact us.  Discover exceptional concrete restoration consulting.