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    SuperScript is a quarterly newsletter from SUPERSTRUCTURES. Founded in 1981, we are a firm of architects, structural engineers, and conservators dedicated to the art and science of exterior restoration.

      Cladding Consultant: Consultants Who Create the Shining Face of Your Building

      Façade engineering runs the gamut from restoring legacy terracotta to curtain walls and the myriad other cladding systems in the sector.

      But façade design is a complex system of aesthetics and engineering, servicing building envelopes with wall cladding that looks as good as it is impervious.

      Acting as a key component in the building enclosure, wall systems like curtain wall cladding and any of the myriad cladding types available, have become an exercise in creating enduring building enclosure models.  Working with experts in roofing and waterproofing, the façade consultant is ready to ensure you’ve got the highest-performing building envelope possible.

      Cladding’s leading consultants

      Cladding consultants like those at SUPERSTRUCTURES Architects + Engineering are multi-disciplinarian experts, moving with you through field testing, acquisition surveys and performance testing.  They’re a constant from conception through completion.

      Not just an adjunct service to construction consultancy, cladding consultants provide another layer of expertise which speaks to ongoing building enclosure performance, whether employing composite panels or a curtain wall design rivaling One World Trade Center.

      Expert witness? Call a cladding consultant

      Cladding consultants play a tremendous role in improving the façade design practices of the construction industry.  Whenever you read a story about someone injured by falling chunks of a building façade, you’re reading the case for cladding consultants.

      Often called upon in liability cases by those injured by cladding fragments, cladding consultants make that case every time they stand up in court and describe how the problem might have been prevented.

      The level of expertise in façade engineering required to provide expert commentary concerning probable culpability is impressive.  And it’s in that tremendous scope of knowledge and expertise that the cladding consultant finds a pivotal place.

      SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects

      Art and science are not just friends.  They’re partners and at SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects, you’ll find them co-existing productively and dynamically.

      When you choose cladding consulting from the diversified team at SUPERSTRUCTURES, you’re choosing a wealth of architectural, conservancy, engineering, cost controlling and IT competencies.  We’re the team that brings the advanced knowledge that meets your building where it stands, regardless of the materials in play.

      And we love a challenge.  Legacy materials and buildings are a passion at SUPERSTRUCTURES, where our mission is dedicated to the preservation of buildings and infrastructure.

      In a throwaway world, we believe some things are worth preserving and preserving well.  Contact us.